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Send your email addie if you'd like a complete copy.Thumbsup

The thought-series is available in the Holding Pen in the WD.


Revelations - missing scene from The Guilt of Matt Bentell - available in the Holding Pen [WD] - prequel to Understanding.
Understanding -
AU missing scenes for The Guilt of Matt Bentell. Sequel to Revelations.
A Bridge Too Far - AU PoG
A Bridge Too Far Part 2 - (never posted on WD) Heath’s first few days with the Barkleys.
Once Was Lost - alternative ending to The Lost Treasure.
No Profit - alternative ending to The Profit and the Lost
A Badge - Nick and Heath bonding.
Home - sequel to A Badge.
Turnaround - role reversal challenge.
Am I a…? [Turnaround addendum.] 


- prologue to A Badge (available with A Badge)
- A missing scene from The Twenty Five Graves of Midas incorporating a song ‘Everybody’s Talkin’ At Me’.  
The Present
Raisin - comedy
Beyond Violence
- comedy
6 kidfics
Toms Little Boy Child
Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire
Proper Son

To Believe or Not To Believe  

Heath and Lupe - Available in CrossBLibrary or send me your email addie.



Laughter Links

Have a laugh with The Fall Guys.Banana


Neighing Nags - Banana


PC problems - Banana

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